Friday, June 22, 2012

high and waisted

It's been a while since I wore a high waist shorts. 
My striped denim pair ( see it HERE )  is too tight I can't barely breathe haha :)
Luckily my sister gave this pair to me and decided  wore it yesterday.

Top - kashieca
shorts - from my sister
sunnies - forever 21
shoes- parisian
bag - vintage 

Love, Maria

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wednesday im in love: with ombre

If there's a DIY project that I'm very afraid to try, it will be Ombre / Dip dyeing. 
I really don't know why, maybe because I know that I'm no good at it. haha :)

(from left - right & top -bottom)
 Ombre Tights that I spotted in Ebay.
I'll do this Ombre Nails  on our upcoming trip to Palawan next month 
Ombre Shorts from 
I've been drooling for one, but to overcome my fear, I'll make one for myself
Dip dye skirt from apair-andaspare. 

For the love of Ombre and this post of WIL that serves as my ombre inspiration,
 I will try it, maybe next month. Keep posted lovely bees :)

Love, Maria

Saturday, June 16, 2012

foodstop: sambokojin

I had a dinner together with some of my relatives at Sambokojin in their Eastwood branch 
last week for the advance birthday celebration of my cousins; ate Elle and Xander :) 
Happy Birthday Guys!!! Thank you for the bowling and dinner treat :)

Love, Maria

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wednesday i'm in love: with sandals

Every Wednesday, I'll be posting anything that captures my heart, hence the segment title.
And to start it off, here's some pictures of  locally made sandals.

(from left - right & top - bottom)
Brianza in Bone color from Cole Vintage
Paloma in Gold color  from Trunk Show
Doryn in Aqua color from Ichigo Shoes
Clara Wraparound sandal from Ylla Shoes

all photos are from respected links. Check their sites for more lovely sandals :)

Love, Maria

Sunday, June 10, 2012

foodstop : donuts & coffee

My sister and I headed to J.Co Donuts & Coffee after the Bloggers United 3.
 I ordered my all time favorite which is Cafe Avocado :))

Love, Maria

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

style sister: matching skirt for bloggers united 3

Remember those childhood days were you and your sibling have a similar outfit 
during family gatherings??? My older sister and I miss those days 
so during Bloggers United 3, we decided to wear our "twin" skirt for our outfit!!! 
 feeling twins lang since favorite namin ang super amzing twins ng The Plump Pinay hehe :))
I went for something edgy to suit my new hairstyle while 
my sister went for something classy to showcase her Gold Dot pumps.

on Maria :
black dress ( worn as a top) - Robinsons Dept Store
skirt - Forever 21
sheer top - Thrifted
Wedges - Gold Dot
ring - gozum
bag- night market

on Neri:
mullet top - pink manila
skirt - Forever 21
pumps - Gold Dot
ring - BU3 
bag - Cava

Love, Maria

i'm a fan

with Divine Lee

best in late kami ni ate, luckily naabutan pa namin si Mother D, 
kaya pag dating pa lang, picture na agad :)

with the Super Amazing Twins ( Stacy & Danah) of  The Plump Pinay

Parang nun' BU 2 lang, we bought 3 shirts from them, 
para matching shirts kami ni ate and ni mudra.
and they remember us, kilig mucho mucho. hehe :)

with Kookie of Death by Platforms

Thank you for the free passes!!! at natandaan din nya kami hehe,
 konting chika and syempre picture picture:)

I also bought a skirt from Bestie of  The Capricious Club, she's so pretty and sweet :)

First ever photo with Karl of  inkarlcerating, ang bongga nya lang at ang sweet 
pa dahil sa letter na binigay nya sa akin nun Bday ko.(see it HERE hehe :)

and syempre bago umuwi, second picture with Eden of  Chic in the Tropics 

Best in Late kami ni ate, konti na lang naabutan kaya ayan,
 best in picture with bloggers na lang :)
Sayang I didn't have a photo with Ana and Aisa but still,
 BU 3 is super fun!!! pak na pak!! Congrats to Aisa , Melai, and Ana :) ♥

Love, Maria