Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wednesday im in love: with ombre

If there's a DIY project that I'm very afraid to try, it will be Ombre / Dip dyeing. 
I really don't know why, maybe because I know that I'm no good at it. haha :)

(from left - right & top -bottom)
 Ombre Tights that I spotted in Ebay.
I'll do this Ombre Nails  on our upcoming trip to Palawan next month 
Ombre Shorts from 
I've been drooling for one, but to overcome my fear, I'll make one for myself
Dip dye skirt from apair-andaspare. 

For the love of Ombre and this post of WIL that serves as my ombre inspiration,
 I will try it, maybe next month. Keep posted lovely bees :)

Love, Maria

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  1. im very much crazy about this dyeing din! go ahead and try it, and if it happened to be astonishing, gagaya nako. haha.


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