Wednesday, February 22, 2012


remember my wish list for Christmas and for my birthday? I included this awesome 
Leviathan wedges from Gold Dot. I bought my newest baby during the Gold Dot's Flash Sale,
 2 days before my birthday. I asked Karl Leuterio if he can sign the box for me 
and he was sooooooooo nice to gave me a letter instead.  
I was  sooooooooo kilig. haha. thank you Karl and Gold Dot. 
You made my 21st birthday extra special. ♥

I got the package on the day of my birthday so I was super excited to try it on kaya ayan... 
my usual "pambahay" clothes plus Leviathan wedges equals instant outfit shot. haha :D

Love, Maria

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

mama dyed my hair

7 days before my birthday, My mom decided to dye my hair. Yay. 
This is my first time and I'm so happy because finally, 
after almost 21 years of my existence, she finally allowed me to dye my hair. haha
Thank you Ma, I love you  :D ♥

Love, Maria