Wednesday, February 1, 2012

mama dyed my hair

7 days before my birthday, My mom decided to dye my hair. Yay. 
This is my first time and I'm so happy because finally, 
after almost 21 years of my existence, she finally allowed me to dye my hair. haha
Thank you Ma, I love you  :D ♥

Love, Maria


  1. Aaaawwe :) Maybe that's her way of letting you go, one little hair dye session at a time.. ahaha! I remember when my mama finally let me dye my hair.. It was FREEDOM! not really, but you know what I mean.. haha.. ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Kisses! xxx

  2. How'd the dyeing go? I've been contemplating getting my hair dyed for the longest time and still haven't. Heehee. Scared of how my hair will turn out after.

    ♥ Lia


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