Friday, September 7, 2012

friday night remix : chiffon dress & mr. mustard

This chiffon dress is one of my favorite treasures!
I love the material and the crochet details of this dress. 

The first photo was taken last January 2011, when I went to a
 breakfast date, Feeling a bit girly so I decided to wear the dress as
 it is.The second photo was taken last March 2011, I remember some of my 
schoolmates gave me this odd stare as I walk on the corridor with 
these clogs. Si Marimar ang peg ng clogs ko eh, bakit ba? haha :)

The bag is also one of my favorite, I named it Mr. Mustard and I got 
it from Egg. I overused this bag since January 2011 until one day, 
Mr. Mustard gave up on me. I miss using this bag but I understand
 that it's time for Mr. Mustard to take a rest.

dress - thrifted
bag - egg
ballet flats - night market
clogs - so fab

Love, Maria

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