Friday, September 28, 2012

go on and you'll be happier

There are things that you badly want to be yours, plans and dreams
 that you really want to turn into reality but at some point you can't
have them, you can't because they are not meant for you. It's hard to
forget about those things but you have to, because sometimes letting
go of  the things that you really want will make you stronger.
If you can't have them, it's because you deserve something better.
All you have to do is go on and you'll be happier.

top - thrifted
skirt - h&m
sandals - rajo! for parisian
bag - gh

Love, Maria

Friday, September 7, 2012

friday night remix : chiffon dress & mr. mustard

This chiffon dress is one of my favorite treasures!
I love the material and the crochet details of this dress. 

The first photo was taken last January 2011, when I went to a
 breakfast date, Feeling a bit girly so I decided to wear the dress as
 it is.The second photo was taken last March 2011, I remember some of my 
schoolmates gave me this odd stare as I walk on the corridor with 
these clogs. Si Marimar ang peg ng clogs ko eh, bakit ba? haha :)

The bag is also one of my favorite, I named it Mr. Mustard and I got 
it from Egg. I overused this bag since January 2011 until one day, 
Mr. Mustard gave up on me. I miss using this bag but I understand
 that it's time for Mr. Mustard to take a rest.

dress - thrifted
bag - egg
ballet flats - night market
clogs - so fab

Love, Maria

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

new baby

Hello lovely bees!!!
Yes I have a new baby and that made me a (step)mommy to 2 dogs :)
Meet Bruno, my 3 month old Mal-Shi (Maltese-Shih tzu) 

Too bad that Bruno and Sam (10 year old Shih tzu) doesn't 
have a photo together.
Sam doesn't like Bruno maybe because Bruno is so active and noisy while 
Sam is pretty laid back (or should I say lazy? haha) because he's already old.

Ps. I took this photo using my cellphone so please 
forgive the resolution of this photo. 
I'll upload a decent photo of them soon :) 

Love, Maria