Monday, May 28, 2012

i have big ears and i am proud

Ever since, I am very conscious about my big ears and I would do my best just to
hide them until I realize that I've got to accept and  love my big ears,
after all sabi nga ng the plump pinay it's about body love and yesterday,
I decided to slash another item from my 21 before 22 list
and headed to salon to have my dream haircut!!! 

sheer top - thrifted
wedges - gold dot

Love, Maria


  1. Pak na pak yang outfitey mo sis and life lesson :) Sana ako din..more body love! :)

    1. salamat ng marami!prob lang di betchikola ng mudra ko yung buhok ko. haha :) ♥

  2. i like your haircut :) and yes to body love!! :D

  3. wow! that's a super cool haircut.
    sexiness mo teh :)

  4. we are beautiful whatever our imperfections! i mean, who doesn't have one?

    followed you dear! stay fab! :)

    ♥, ace


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