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let's celebrate : interview with the frustated arte-tect

"I came to realize that some of  these "flaws" make up 
the whole me and makes me, just ME"

I met Karen once during the PhFW day 2 and she 
reminds me so much of "The Plump Pinay". What I love about 
Karen is that she can carry herself  with confidence. :)

"I don't usually go with trends because if I do, I might lose my personal style."

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 About Karen and her blog

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.
I'm Karen Krishia Cabarle a.k.a KENKEN and currently residing in
 the far land of Fairview,Quezon City, Philippines. 
I'm 22 years old and still in the search for my real passions. 
I am The ©Artetect of 
My blog contains my personal style, occasional outfit posts, DIYs, fashion
 and beauty hauls, anything about makeup like tutorials, events, nail art 
and anything that I find bloggable. I also review products 
that I love and fond of photography.

What / who inspired you to start your blog?
I started my humble blog just last year (2011). 
It was the time when I was still really into nail art. 
 My sister, who has been raving about Tumblr that time, was constantly 
asking me to make a blog but not to specifically post my nail art. 
You know, just to reblog stuff. It was really funny because the person 
who really convinced me to make a blog was my classmate, Moe. 
 If you'll back read my blog, it is full of my nail art and reblogs. :)

What  motivates you to keep on blogging?
My readers and those lovely messages I find on my
 inbox every now and then! Knowing that I inspire people is 
also a factor why I keep on blogging. :)

 Who take your outfit photos?
First and foremost, I can't say that my blog is a fashion blog. 
I describe it as a more personal *slash* style blog. :) 
I don't post outfit shots religiously kasi. lol But I do enjoy
posting  "ootds" occasionally. :P I took the first half (I think) 
of my ootds  and some were taken by my sister.

About self and body love

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
I am 5'3 and a half and I am overweight for my height! HAHA. 
Well, they are just numbers. 

Is there any trait / body part that you hate / don't like about yourself?
My thighs and arms. It runs in our family.
 These parts are the most difficult to tone! I am frustrated gym buff
 before and I don't know what happened to me after 2 years.  lol :)
I have a long torso and my thighs are shorter.  
I also don't like my skin because\ I am breaking out lately. 
Well, it's my fault for depriving myself from sleep. :P

How did you learn to accept and love that trait / body part?
In order to give love, there should be love for yourself first. 
 I learned to accept my flaws by just simply accepting them.  
Fats and flabs come and go, but if you are determined 
to lose them, you can erase them completely. I am 
responsible for taking care of myself. If I am a healthy eater, 
active and does not deprive myself from sleep, maybe I
 can improve myself.  But then, I came to realize that some
 of  these "flaws" make up the whole me and makes me, just ME. 

What would be your advice for people who don't feel comfortable 
about their own body / skin?
Everyone is unique! Learn to love and accept yourself because 
no one else but you, can do that. We are all equal in our Creator's eyes. 
Also, how you look doesn't make you less or more of a person.
 Take care of yourself because like what I said, you are
 responsible for yourself. :)  Live by this quotation from BDJ-
 "I'm not beautiful like you. I'm beautiful like ME."

About fashion and style

When did you become interested in fashion?
Ever since I was in elementary (grade4 or 5?), I've been a fan of heels and wedges.
 I would wear them every time we go out for lunch or dinner with my family.
 I guess, that's when my interest in fashion started. :)

 How would you describe your style?
I usually dress casually. Living in an area where people are not that into fashion, 
and I mean, mag-heels-ka-lang-titignan-ka-na place, 
I have to tone down my outfit. But I love dressing up to the max! 
I dress-up when me and my family are going to eat at some special restaurant, 
a movie date with my fash friends and during events, of course.
 I love a touch of classic vibe and the edgy style. 
I am fond of florals and the colors black, gold and white and anything 
with studs, bows and lace, I LOVE! I also dress colorful oftentimes. :P
 And not to mention my love for accessories! Ma-accessories ako na tao! Sobra! :D

Where do you get your fashion / style inspiration?
I don't usually go with trends because if I do, I might lose my personal style.
 That is just in my opinion. I tend to over-imitate styles of others so I decided to 
stop and just extract inspiration from them. Lately, I find myself getting inspirations
 from our own fashion bloggers- Tricia Gosingtian- where I got my adoration 
for dainty and pastels, Camille Co- The sexy classic feel and 
Laureen Uy- for my edgy side. I also love an international blogger/stylist named 
Chriselle of She is really chic!
 Magazines, pinterest, tumblr, and some humble fashion bloggers
 were also my inspiration too!

Do you shop at thrift stores? If yes, What would be your
 number 1 tip for thrift store shoppers?
Yes, but not often. My recent buy was a floral high-waist pants
 for 75 pesos which I cut off the leg parts thus, turning it into shorts!
 My tip would be don't hesitate to haggle, they will still lower the price 
and also don't forget to wash your buys before wearing them! :)

 What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
Only a piece? I have lots! haha! As of the moment, 
I've been loving my faux leather leggings, sheer polos 
and my black and white blazer.

Is there any outfit that you wish you didn't wear? If yes please describe it?
YES! It was back on our trip to Malaysia. 
I wore this outfit where I look like I'm going to dance or just going to the gym.
 You know, an outfit that has a cropped top with sando under,
 leggings and sneakers? It was really comfy but 

What is your number 1 fashion tip?
Your comfort is the most important thing.
 Do not dress to impress but dress to express your personality.
 It's true that fashionable people can be intimidating 
but show them you aren't! :)

Random Q's
If you could trade lives with another blogger for 1 day,
 who would you trade with?

I would definitely trade with Chriselle Lim of,
 I just really love her style and her job!

                                   If we could spend a day together, what would we do?
We will shop 'til we drop and fill ourselves with Japanese food! :)

Message for your readers
I am so grateful for all of you. Without your support and those sweet
 little messages you drop in my inbox, I will never be motivated into blogging.
 Thank you so much and I hope you continue your support on my blog 
and I will surely return the favor by lots and lots of giveaways! :) 
This little things flatters me so much. And of course, 
thank you Maria for this interview. 
I really enjoyed it and discovered things about myself and my blog. 
For those who are just starting a blog or 
keeping a blog running, just be yourself. Make your blog YOUR own blog. 
Be inspired but do not copy. Your blog should reflect that awesome 
person inside of you. Shine and inspire!  :)

Thank you Karen for doing this interview with me 
and I should learn how to use chopsticks before we fill 
our tummys with Japanese food. haha :)

To know more about Karen please 
visit her blog the frusted arte-tect

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Love, Maria

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