Monday, December 5, 2011

i went home with these

I won these sa BU dahil sa bring me na Nikon dslr. Thanks so much sa Nikon ko. haha. :D

tomato watch and planner, nivea visage creams :D

and these are the babies that my sister bought at BU 2
Brand new Plum Pinay shirt and necklace, Anagon collection ring and 
Brand New Shoe etiquette Wedges for me. haha. thank you Ate. :D


  1. yay for the planner and creams! hihi
    I wanted to say hi but i'm too shy hihihi
    Nice seeing you!

    Jamie Kate

  2. haha. oo nga, ang swerte natin buti na lang Nikon cam natin. hehe. :D hope to see you again :D ♥


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