Sunday, December 4, 2011

im a happy bee at BU 2

My sister and I on a fangirl mode again at BU 2. 
It was our first time to meet all of our fave bloggers.  kaya ayan ang ganap.

si ate muna...

  ate with Kookie

ate with Denise

 ate with Danah and Stacey of Plump Pinay

 Ate with  Pax and Ana :D

ate with Ana

now its my turn. haha :D

 with Eden. 
Me: Hi Eden, Im maria from
Eden:  oh hi. OMG I like your dress. where did you get it?
Me: ukay - ukay.
Eden: Oh, hindi halata. 
nakakatouch naman. <3

Remember my post about my 2 fave bloggers na dapat 3 silang ififeature ko? kaso hindi kasi di ko na e-mail yung isa. eto na sya... TADAAAAAAAAAAAAH

with Kookie Buhain.
 Me: hi Kookie
Kookie: Hi...Maria, mariachuvachu
Me: ay nakaka touch naman kilala mo ko.
Kookie: syempre Chictopia.

nakakatouch talaga. <3

with Ana and Pax. 

 Oh di ba finally nagkita na kami. saglit lang chikahan moment namen ni Ana dahil busy sila ni Pax. 
Me: hi Anna, I'm Maria
Ana: ay oo ikaw yun. vintage bee. lagi ko binabasa blog mo
Me: salamat.ako din noh. pa picture mamaya ah. 
Ana: oo sige :D

I'm a happy bee during BU 2.
Congrats to Ana, Pax, and Melai for the successful event. :D
and oh I won sa bring me game nila I'll share it on my next post 


  1. ur so lucky!hehe.there's so much happening there in Manila and the fashion bloggers.. wished i attended the BU2! and Kookie is also one of my faves!!:)

  2. i envy youuuuu! i was supposed to fly to manila and join BU 2 but it got cancelled. oh well, there's always a next time - i hope!

    followed you back ;)

    anyhooo,what's the tile of the song on the background? hmmm

  3. Eunica aw sayang, you should really come sa 3rd bu kasi super enjoy. haha. anyway the song is My Love from the bird and the bee :D <3

    SalveeLangekka Kookie is super nice. as in. :D <3

  4. Thankyou for this post, Maria! :) Glad you had fun! :))
    <3 Anagon :)

  5. You're welcome Ana. THank you for being sooooooo nice. BU 3 na ulet. haha :D <3

  6. akala ko nga paradigm shift or something ung sinuot mo eh. hahaha. charap! so glad to meet you too:)


  7. Inspired by Paradigm shift lang. hehe pero sa ukay - ukay lang yan near anonas cubao. :D ♥


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