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let's celebrate : interview with werd style

"Once you master how to overcome those flaws 
it could turn out to be your strength too."

Would it be fun to have a stylish dad whom you can ask
if your flannel shirt matched your chinos and brogues? 
Well I think Andrew's kids would be really lucky and proud to
have a dad like him! (yes! he's married and with 2 kids) :)

"Fashion is not always about branded or expensive clothes,
it's all about good taste and common sense"

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About Andrew and his blog "Werd Style"

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.
I'm from Quezon City, but currently living in Manila.
I have two adorable kids (Calix Liam and Cassi Leigh).
Got married in November of 2009 with my super understanding and caring wife.
 I work as a merchandiser and men's shoes product designer for Mario d’ boro and Cardams
back in 2008. Now I'm currently working on the same field but this time 
I'm handling ladies shoes! Brain busting! LOL. 
My blog focus mostly on mens fashion but I love to blog anything that I find interesting.

What / who inspired you to start your blog?
I started to blog last September 2012. 
What inspired me to blog is my "passion for fashion".
It's my way of expressing myself.

What  motivates you to keep on blogging?
There's lot of things that really keep me going on, when I started
my blog, I never thought it would work out 'cause I really don't 
have an idea how it works and how to personalize your layout, things 
like that, but when readers and co-bloggers responded, it improves 
my self-esteem knowing that I'm just a newbie compared to 
those young and really fashion geek who really put up their name
(in blogsphere). It's like a drug to me that keeps me going
and make me say "I should keep my ass work"

Who take your outfit photos? 
Ohh...this is the saddest part I guess...'cause I don't have
a real photographer! My friend/officemate took my photos which 
I think are out of angle and we only have limited spots. We only 
took photos during our free time (at work) and it takes 15 mins to 
for us to make it and I only use my phone for taking photos.
Good thing its' HD!

 About self and body love

How tall are you and how much do you weigh? 
5'10" in height, weighs 147lbs.

Is there any trait / body part that you hate / don't like about yourself? 
 Oh yessss! I don't like my hair and skinny legs.

How did you learn to accept and love that trait / body part? 
For my hair I’ve accepted it since highschoool haha! 
For my legs, I tried to go to gym and work on it twice a week when I was I college
 and the result is really impressive but when I graduated and landed my job
 it was the time that I often visit my second home (gym).
I’ve been to busy for my job and family so had no time to work out..
so back to zero! Its ok I can still deal with it!

What would be your advice for people who don't feel comfortable 
about their own body / skin?
Accept the flaws that you have and focus on your strength instead! 
Once you master how to overcome those flaws it could turn out to be your strength too.

About fashion and style

When did you become interested in fashion?
When I was in high school I always borrow my friends fashion magazine! 
Though I don’t have enough knowledge about fashion at that time.
It was in college that I got interested but It was on my 20’s
when I got really hooked on fashion.

How would you describe your style? 
I would say that I'm in to laid back, rugged and vintage street style cause
 I think that best describes me. Though sometimes I prepped up and also sartorial 
is always on my list, I do believe that we should sometimes stepped out on our
 comfort zone and try something we don’t usually wear but of course with confidence.

Where do you get your fashion / style inspiration?

We do have our own fashion as far as I know but we normally have inspiration 
to name a few I like Ryan Gosling, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham,
 Joseph Gordon Levitt, Black ivy league, Bruno mars, Lambert brothers, 
when I reach my 30’s want to dress like FRANCESCO COMENILLI 
and when my hair starts to turn gray NICK WOOSTER is my man!

 Do you shop at thrift stores? If yes, What would be your
 number 1 tip for thrift store shoppers?
Absolutely yes!!  Its my on stop shop back in college and during my corporate days! 
I guess the best tips I could give is Patience and Perseverance to dig those signature clothes! 
Though some thrift shops offer a selection of branded clothes on a separate pile 
so you don’t have to dig those large pile of clothes and lastly don’t dress to much 
cause sometimes they look on how you dress if they think your capable
 of paying this amount instead of the original price!

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet? 
I do have a lot of favorite piece on my closet honestly..
hmmm but maybe its my collection of plaid shirts.

Is there any outfit that you wish you didn't wear? If yes please describe it
Haha! I couldn’t remember or maybe I just don’t want to remember it! 
I guess wearing a white driving shoes paired it with slim fit grey wool pants 
with vest and button down! That was in 2008 I guess.

What is your number 1 fashion tip? 
Fashion is not always about branded or expensive clothes,
it's all about good taste and common sense. 
Another is if you feel that your not comfortable of wearing it,
then don’t cause it would only look awful more than you ever thought.
 Lastly "confidence is sexy"

Random Q's

If you could trade lives with another blogger for 1 day,
 who would you trade with?
Adam Gallagher or Robbie Becroft

If we could spend a day together, what would we do?
We will raid all ukay’s in Manila and do an outfit post as many as we can.

Message for your readers 
You guys really rock! Without you I wont be doing this blog possible..
its only you guys where I get my inspiration and keeps me going! 
I hope you’ll never stop supporting me and I'm really glad that you guys
 are giving your little time to visit my blog! 
I promise that I will keep my blog better and better  to hopefully  inspire you. 
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Oh!! How could I forget to thank Maria 
for giving this opportunity! Thanks a lot vintage bee!! 

Thank you Andrew for doing this interview.
Looking forward to that ukay-ukay trip around the metro. hehe :)

To know more about him, visit his BLOG and hype his looks HERE!

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Love, Maria


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