Sunday, February 10, 2013

a piece of gold

what I wore the day before my birthday

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The day before my birthday, I woke up a bit late for work.
I don't have the time to think what should I wear so
I opted for this whole black outfit. Thank goodness
that I bought this cutie patootie bow belt, at least there's a
lil bit of gold in my outfit. :)

sheer blouse - thrift shop
pants - bench
belt - landmark
shoes - payless

Love, Maria


  1. I loooooove! I can see myself wearing the same peg! hihihi. I love all black outfits! <3

    1. Thanks Karen, na tempt nga ko gamit yung bangle kaso pang giveaway talaga eh. haha. :)

  2. Great outfit

  3. Aww Happy Birthday Maria! Great look:))! When in doubt wear black:))!

  4. You can really never go wrong with black. Love this outfit! :)

    xx Daphne of

  5. like your top babe, do you mind following each other? let me know!

    Love sasa


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