Friday, February 8, 2013

twenty two

Today I turned twenty two and this is my birthday outfit :)

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just so you know, I've been bitten by
mosquitoes and they left some bite scars on my right leg. 
That's the reason why I can't wear  dresses/shorts/skirts. 
I've been stuck on wearing pants since last December. :(

since today is my birthday, I decided to brave 
the not-so-tights-friendly weather of Manila just to wear 
a dress for my birthday. 
Birthday outfit should be extra special  right? haha

dress - thrift shop
blazer - redhead
tights - sm dept. store
flats - sm parisian plus
bag - hdy
headband - forever 21
ring - divi

*(when you see it) oopsie I think my flats is happier than me. haha :) 
There's an upcoming birthday giveaway next week :)

Love, Maria


  1. Happy BDay Maria!! My best friend also turned 22 today! Hope you have a great day!! Have a blast!
    Stephanie Beltre

  2. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Hope you had a great day! This outfit is adorable and perfect in every way! Everything is great: the dress, hair, accessories. I LOVE this look :-) But omg, tights in Manila? Hope you were inside in the aircon at least.

    1. Thank you and yes, I was inside the office all day long. haha :)

  3. Happy Birthday Maria :)
    I hope all your wishes will come true! :)
    Love that dress, I love animal-prints

  4. happy birthday my dearest maria! love you and i miss you! <3

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I love the cat print dress, adorable :)


  6. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

    You look so cute in your dress. I actually like it better when you paired with your black tights. It gave you that autumn-look or something. hihi :))

    -xoxo, FRANCES
    --from DAVAO--


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