Thursday, November 10, 2011

style sister : sheer up

 I was so lucky to be randomly selected by the Parisian Shoes and Bag 
(sa buong buhay ko, first time ko manalo sa raffle. Bonggels kasi Event pa. haha) to attend the Rajo for Parisian event at SMDC showroom yesterday.
They reserved two slots for me  (kaya best in bitbit ko ang ate ko :D).

here's what I wore yesterday...

 The sheer button down top  from my recent thrift haul. 
Thrifted tutu skirt that I reinvented. I've worn this skirt before for my 20th birthday last February.
Parisian Studded Satchel and Tonic Wedges which was given as a gift from "the man" 

I hope Anagon wouldn't mind if I wore this headband as a necklace. No time to buy the REAL necklace version of this.  

and here's my sister's outfit 

She borrowed this sheer button down  top from my recent thrift haul too. 
skirt form GH, Parisian Bag and Shoe Etiquette Wedges

I love the animal prints. Too bad that I cant borrow them because they're too big for me. 

I will blog more about the event on my next post. :D

<3  Maria


  1. wow! you're so lucky! :) love your sheer tops! :)

  2. I like the chic outfit! Dpat wala ng camisole sa loob!;) haha
    i heard the event was awesome! Too bad i coulnt go. Am sure you had a blast!

  3. kath - thank you. :D super lucky talaga. <3
    maureen - my mom would kill me pag walang camisole. haha :D <3

  4. Cute necklace! And your top is such a pretty thrift find!


  5. Thank you Nix, actually its the Wired headband from Anagon Collection. hehe <3


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