Monday, November 21, 2011

two girls on this post

I want to feature 2 of my fave bloggers here. 
3 sana kaso I wasn't able to send an email sa isa. next post na lang. PROMISE.

2 days ago....I was brave enough to send an email to Aisa of  Drowning Equilibriums if I can use some of her photos para sa post na 'to and she said yes :D  hehe.

so okay...eto na medyo long story to PROMISE.

Last year I joined chictopia and since then, lagi ko nakikita ang mga outfitey ni Aisa so ayun fan girl mode aketch sa chictopia nya and I started reading her blog. I got so KILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG when she left a comment on my outfit post last May 2010. oh bongga di ba? alam na alam ko pa. haha. I admire her style, her blog, basta lahat lahat na. Feeling ko she brings out the "vintage girl" in me. 
Look at her outfits BONGGA DI BA? 

 I love the MUMU dress - first photo. 
4th photo - this was her post when she became a style icon in chictopia. 
* all photos from

and through Aisa's blog, na discover si Ana of Fashionista Commuter. Commuter yun pa lang bet na bet ko na kasi commuter din ako lalo ng noong college. haha.
So I texted her asking if I can use some of her photos, and she said yes.
I remember having a looooong conversation with her sa fb inbox. haha :D
 Katulad din kay Aisa. I admire her style, her blog, the way she wirtes her blog post, her creativity, basta lahat lahat na din. :D 
at feeling ko din she brings out the " hippie girl" in me.

Look at her outfits... BONGGA DIN DI BA? 

Peg ko yung 4th photo nya sa outfit ko dati.  I gave her the fringe top - 6th photo and
 I got so KILIIIIIIIIIIIIIG nung sinabi nya na ang tagal na nya nag hahanap ng ganoong top. 
all photos from

I cant wait to meet them in person.
Feeling ko Fan girl mode ako nito pag nakita ko sila. haha :D

*and through their blogs and chictopia... na discover ko na ang mga daily reads ko.
 I'll be making a blog roll para ma share ko ang  favorite "Proud to be Pinay" bloggers ko.


  1. Nice! I like forth and fifth pic in the first round, and third and sixth in second. :)

  2. Hello Maria!,
    These girls are super BAIT! totally! i met them na once sa isang event and when i saw them.. hala..! Starstruck! nice choice! :)


  3. I love aisa!! shes my girl crush nd i totally admire her kindness.. and slight kalerkyhan. shes just too awesome!!! <3 nice entry girl! keep it up. looking forward to your next post.


  4. Thank you for feauring me maria!:) such an honor to be in this blog! And di ako sanay makita sarili ko nakacollage hehehe salamat dito!:) <3

  5. Aww I love Aisa and Ana! They're both super nice and fun to be with. Sobrang tawanan lang! :) Great feature, Maria! Hope to meet you at the Bloggers United, yes? :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
    Giveaway: Be on the list for Bloggers United 2! Click HEREto find out how!!

  6. Hello Megann :D oh yes, see you at BU. papicture na din sayo ah. hehe :D <3

  7. ooooo wowww! I really love that first magenta long dress! beautiful



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