Monday, November 28, 2011

what's in my suitcase : hkg

I am heading to Hong Kong tonight for 5 days with my family. 
I'm taking these with me. 
I want to use "Nancy" for the whole trip that's why I build my outfits starting from the shoes all the way up :D

First Set
top l-r : vintage crochet top from my mom, thrifted orange sweater,
pink top from redhead, thrifted mustard top
bottom l-r :  denim shorts; thrifted stripe shorts, gray hgh waist shorts
shoes : loafers from Chili margarita, boots from Janilyn

Second Set
l-r : thrifted cardigan,  cat print dress from my favorite thrift shop, 
reworked floral vintage dress; blazer from redhead


  1. those pieces looks very nice! can't wait to see you're photos.. have a safe fun trip ;)

  2. Lovet! Love your pictures! And the song sa blog mo ang feel good lang, napapaindak meee! :)) <3

    Happy trip! :) Wish I can travel again :))

  3. Roxanne - thank you. hehe. i'll try to post my ootd pag keribels ng time. <3

    Ana- hehe. thanks :D yung song is from the bird and the bee " my love" the best duo sila. I'll be back on Friday para makapag ready sa BU. I'm soooooo excited to meet you, mas excited pa ko dun kesa sa hkg. haha. :D <3

  4. love the boots and loafers! enjoy HKG!:)

  5. Those items look great! have a fun trip to hk :)

    Love your blog. I'm following you now. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)
    Pose Posh Post

  6. Cute outfits! Have fun in Hongkong! :)


  7. cute outfits! :))

    I'm a beginner in the blog world and I was inspired while reading all your posts here. You shared a lot of things within 3 months! I'm so inspired, I'll try my best in blogging too. :)

    I followed you, hope you follow me back. Thank you! :)


  8. Hi Maria! Hope you're having fun in HK! I don't get the "Nancy" thing but from your outfits, I'm kinda getting what you mean :)


  9. Have fun in HKG Reg. :> Take care!

  10. how fun! i hope u have a great time! =)

  11. Glad to be one of many visitors on this awesome web site : D

    From Creativity Has no Limit


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