Monday, November 14, 2011

treasure hunting : november thrift haul

Here are some of the treasures I found last week. 

 group picture. kaso absent yung  2 sheer button down. hehe

 animal print dress. I have to sell this coz it doesn't fit  me. boo. haha

 sheer button down that you can use as a cover up.  :D

 mustard maxi skirt. I got this for 250 from one of my favorite ukay- ukay. A bit pricey for a normal dress from ukay-ukay.
ang mahal talaga sa favorite ukay ko. tsk. 

 pink shorts,  I didn't get the chance to try this before buying it kaya ayan...di kasya sa akin. 
I'll sell this one too.

 a polka dot dress.
I bought this kasi peg ko yung damit ni Diane from Pure Love/ 49  days.
But its too short for me,kaya probably I'll sell this too. 

white lace blazer. I dont know if I should sell this or not. haha.

I am planning to go treasure hunting today. :D

<3 Maria


  1. Wear the polka with tights na lang? Para if you really like it you won't have to sell it :D Ganda ng finds mo! Where is your favorite ukay stores ba? I have two that I love love love talaga. :)

  2. They all look like great finds especially the animal print dress!


  3. Jana - ooh great idea,i'll try it kung bagay sa akin hehe. My favorite ukay ukay stores are the ones located in cubao,anonas, and yung bagong ukay dito sa amin where I got the mustard maxi dress. how about you? tara let's go ukay ukay shopping. hehe. <3

    Nix - hehe. yes they are. kaso I have to sell some of them. <3

  4. very nice finds! i like the polka dress and sheer button down :)

  5. thanks for dropping by my blog! your findings are amazing! i've followed you.
    It would be a pleasure if you could follow me as well <3


  6. Hi Joannie - thanks for visiting me back. I followed you already <3

  7. i love the yellow dress.. mahal nga for 250..
    followed your blog! i hope you follow mine too :)


  8. Can't believe you thrifted that mint green sheer button-up! What a find :)


  9. Cute haul! :) I like the turquoise cover up :D

    Btw, please join my blog giveaway! :)

  10. That white blazer will look good with that pink shorts! Don't sell them!

  11. oh my wonderful thrift finds!! :D kainggit!! :D:D

  12. i love the sheer button down dress... its too bad tho cos the leopard print piece is cool.

  13. Ellen and Jenine - thanks for dropping by. I'll visit you back, <3

    Yna- but the pinks shorts dont fit me. haha. <3

    Roviedear - hehe. dont be. makakakita ka din ng ganyan sa ibang ukay-ukay <3

    Carla - yeah, im so sad that the leopard dress dont fit me. hope i can find something like that again. <3

  14. I love the pink shorts. Great finds!!

  15. great picks!!! Im jealous of that maxi skirt! lucky girl!

  16. Where do you sell? I want to buyyy! :p

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  17. Lovely blog, dear! Follow you!
    Cаn you follow me back?))

  18. Angel - just clik the fb icon on the side bar. :D thanks. <3

    Veronica - Thanks. Followed you back <3

    Sabrina - thank you <3

  19. Very lovely finds! I love the sheer button down. I am in love with sheers! I'm a new follower. Hope you can also check out my blog and join my giveaway.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  20. Hello Jen, thanks. Followed you back <3

  21. Animal print dress is gorgeous!

  22. I WANT the polka dot dress! Cam I buy it na lang, please? ♥

  23. Krissy - sure, I'll just take a better picture of the dress muna. hehe :D <3


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