Monday, November 28, 2011

what's in my suitcase : hkg

I am heading to Hong Kong tonight for 5 days with my family. 
I'm taking these with me. 
I want to use "Nancy" for the whole trip that's why I build my outfits starting from the shoes all the way up :D

First Set
top l-r : vintage crochet top from my mom, thrifted orange sweater,
pink top from redhead, thrifted mustard top
bottom l-r :  denim shorts; thrifted stripe shorts, gray hgh waist shorts
shoes : loafers from Chili margarita, boots from Janilyn

Second Set
l-r : thrifted cardigan,  cat print dress from my favorite thrift shop, 
reworked floral vintage dress; blazer from redhead

that awkward moment when you are the only one wearing a wreath

Wore this outfit for my cousin's debut yesterday.
I love the  "beach outfit" theme. I got so excited when I found out about it, 
thinking that my mustard maxi dress plus a floral wreath will be a perfect outfit for the event. 

I took my outfit shots after the party so please please please bear with my face and the stain on my dress.

maxi dress - thrifted
crochet vest - gh
floral wreath - sm
flipflops - havaianas

I was planning to make a floral wreath to complete the look but I dont have enough time to go to Divi, 
kaya my wonderful sister told me to look for a wreath at SM, so we headed to the Kids section and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaah I found one.
 SM. They REALLY got it all for you. haha :D

and oh... I was the only one wearing a floral wreath hence the title.  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

im a happy bee

Got these babies this week :D

I got the tan satchel and the navy blue bucket bag for Php. 1200 from hdy yesterday. My mom came home with this animal print bag and she told me "ito pang reregalo ko" and I was like "HOMAYGOODNESS. ang ganda. akin na lang yan. bili ka na lang bagong pang ragalo. haha" and she said okay. haha. thanks Ma. I love you. and last but not the least,I want to thank  my wonderful sister  because bought me a pair of tan penny loafers from Chili Margarita which reminds me of Nancy Drew. Maybe I should call my loafers "Nancy", what do you think?

I just wanna be on the beach

This was my outfit when my sister and I went to Eastwood - Greenhills - Mega Mall. 
Lakwatsera mode lang kami last Novemeber 24. haha :D

I wore my mudra's cover - up which reminds me of the beach. hehe. summer na summer lang and that's the first time I put color green on my outfit. I just love the size of the bag. lahat kasya. Parang pocket lang ni Doraemon. haha. :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

two girls on this post

I want to feature 2 of my fave bloggers here. 
3 sana kaso I wasn't able to send an email sa isa. next post na lang. PROMISE.

2 days ago....I was brave enough to send an email to Aisa of  Drowning Equilibriums if I can use some of her photos para sa post na 'to and she said yes :D  hehe.

so okay...eto na medyo long story to PROMISE.

Last year I joined chictopia and since then, lagi ko nakikita ang mga outfitey ni Aisa so ayun fan girl mode aketch sa chictopia nya and I started reading her blog. I got so KILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG when she left a comment on my outfit post last May 2010. oh bongga di ba? alam na alam ko pa. haha. I admire her style, her blog, basta lahat lahat na. Feeling ko she brings out the "vintage girl" in me. 
Look at her outfits BONGGA DI BA? 

 I love the MUMU dress - first photo. 
4th photo - this was her post when she became a style icon in chictopia. 
* all photos from

and through Aisa's blog, na discover si Ana of Fashionista Commuter. Commuter yun pa lang bet na bet ko na kasi commuter din ako lalo ng noong college. haha.
So I texted her asking if I can use some of her photos, and she said yes.
I remember having a looooong conversation with her sa fb inbox. haha :D
 Katulad din kay Aisa. I admire her style, her blog, the way she wirtes her blog post, her creativity, basta lahat lahat na din. :D 
at feeling ko din she brings out the " hippie girl" in me.

Look at her outfits... BONGGA DIN DI BA? 

Peg ko yung 4th photo nya sa outfit ko dati.  I gave her the fringe top - 6th photo and
 I got so KILIIIIIIIIIIIIIG nung sinabi nya na ang tagal na nya nag hahanap ng ganoong top. 
all photos from

I cant wait to meet them in person.
Feeling ko Fan girl mode ako nito pag nakita ko sila. haha :D

*and through their blogs and chictopia... na discover ko na ang mga daily reads ko.
 I'll be making a blog roll para ma share ko ang  favorite "Proud to be Pinay" bloggers ko.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


A quick outfit post before I hit the sack.  :D

Yesterday I had a dinner with some of my college friends.
My friend Chona cant resist the urge to buy shoes kaya kahit pasara na ang department store, gorabels pa din kami. Almost 8 persons na lang tao sa department store kaya ayan... outfit shot ang resulta. haha :D

oh this was my first time to wear the Strutt Flats I got  from Rajo for Parisian .

Thrifted top, diy shorts, parisian shoes and bag 

and oh... my sister and I went to treasure hunting earlier today. 
Cant wait to share my new treasures to you guys.. :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

treasure hunting : november thrift haul

Here are some of the treasures I found last week. 

 group picture. kaso absent yung  2 sheer button down. hehe

 animal print dress. I have to sell this coz it doesn't fit  me. boo. haha

 sheer button down that you can use as a cover up.  :D

 mustard maxi skirt. I got this for 250 from one of my favorite ukay- ukay. A bit pricey for a normal dress from ukay-ukay.
ang mahal talaga sa favorite ukay ko. tsk. 

 pink shorts,  I didn't get the chance to try this before buying it kaya ayan...di kasya sa akin. 
I'll sell this one too.

 a polka dot dress.
I bought this kasi peg ko yung damit ni Diane from Pure Love/ 49  days.
But its too short for me,kaya probably I'll sell this too. 

white lace blazer. I dont know if I should sell this or not. haha.

I am planning to go treasure hunting today. :D

<3 Maria

Friday, November 11, 2011


If we've been friends for a long time, you know that I am not fond of having pictures with actors / actresses / celebrities.
I really dont know why but I think I am just so shy to ask them if its okay to have a picture with them. haha :D 
But last Wednesday was an exception. Hello, It was my first time to meet some of my favorite bloggers (mahihiya pa ba ko? syempre oo. haha. pero KERIBELS lang ) that's why from "imavintagebee"  I turned into "imafangirl". haha. 

Let me share you a photo of me and my new friend Cil, she won an invite form Laureen Uy's BLOG

I also met some  new friends. haha :D
l- r : lycah,rosana,eri,jullian,kaze,I, and Cil

and this is it....
Photos of my sister, my new friend Cil, and I on a fan girl mode during the Rajo for Parisian event.
ako: thank you, thank you talaga.
patricia: It's okay no worries  ( with her cute smile pa ah. :D )
 Cil with Patricia

 with Cil and Laureen Uy

too bad, this photo was over exposed. :(

 my sister with Vern
Vern is soooooo fresh pero ang feslak ni ate...nevermind. haha :D

Cil with Vern

ate with The Rajo Laurel

Rajo : Thank you ha
oh di ba,sya pa nag thank you. kahiya. 
di best in timing ang ate ko eh. tsk. 
She took this picture right after the event photographer took a picture of me with Rajo. Anyway, I hope I can find the website of the photographer during the event para naman may decent picture ako with Rajo. haha. :D

and last but not the least

a picture with soooooooooo pretty and sooooooo nice Vern Enciso
Now I know why 2 of my favorite bloggers love her sooo much. 
When our eyes met, I cant help myself to say "hi" and waved at her. As I walk to approach her, she walks towards me.  ( oh di ba,parang sikat na eksena sa romantic movie na mag sasalubong sa gitna ang bidang babae at lalake sabay yakap. haha )

I'm happy bee. I cant believe that I met her already.  ( di ako maka get over kaya ayun, feeling ko lutang ako  and that's the reason why I forgot na mag pa picture with Tracy Ayson and Tin Iglesias.)

<3 Maria

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rajo! for Parisian

"I believe that every woman deserves the perfect shoe"  - Rajo Laurel 
Late afternoon of November 6, I was browsing my Facebook's new feed when I bumped into the Parisian Shoes and Bags update. They posted the names of the 20 lucky fans that will join them for the Rajo! for Parisian unveiling show. I saw my name on the 5th line. I was SHOCKED. I read it over 5 times, refreshed the page to make sure that I read it right. haha.  Then I went downstairs to tell the news to my sister and we went "AAAAAAAAAH" haha. 

Mys sister and I arrived there 10 mins before 6pm. The usherette told us that cocktails starts by 6 pm 
( excited lang. haha )

We waited for a while and then the show started.... 
(photo overload sorry :) )

some decents shots that I captured :D

 I am drooling over Rajo! for Parisian Collection

here are some of them...

 Kylie G Closed

 The Kylie G Open Wedges. really want this but the biggest size wont fit me. too bad. 

 The Strutt Heels, Didn't get the chance to try the size 10.My arms-fingers-legs-knees-toes ( lahat na ng pwedeng icross haha )are cross, hoping that they would fit me. hehe.
If I'm not mistaken, It would be available by Novemeber 12. :D 

And of course , We didn't go home empty handed. 

Next post will be some of my photos on a FAN GIRL MODE. haha

<3 Maria