Friday, August 24, 2012

friday night remix : floral skirt

      2 years ago, I started my blog in Chictopia, as much as I want to post 
     as many outfit as I can, my closet can't keep up so I mix and match most
      of my clothes. Yesterday, after browsing my archives in Chictopia, 
     an idea for a new segment here on my blog was born..
     it's Friday Night Remix!!! 

        To start it off, here's my old outfit wearing  a floral skirt
    that I found from a thrift shop in Taft Avenue.
     I got it for 50 pesos! how cheap isn't it? :) 

         wore the first outfit during a friend's debut last 2009. 
             The second outfit was taken last December 2010.
  (just click the links for more outfit deets!)

    I can't wait to post my new outfit remix here!
   Till next Friday lovely bees :)

Love, Maria


  1. nice idea! I use to "overused" pa naman
    most of my clothes haha

  2. thanks Roxanne! you can do this series in your blog too! :)

    ♥ Maria


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