Saturday, August 4, 2012

there's nothing wrong with my boots

If I'm still a student, I would probably wear my military boots everyday 
this season. What I love about this rainy season is that you can wear tights,
 boots, or layer your clothes all the way you want without getting those
 head-to-toe stare from the people who think that wearing a pair of boots here 
in Manila is acriminal offense specially if you're a commuter like me.
Sometimes I often imagine that some people say
"Anong eksena nitong babaeng to? boots sa jeep / mrt? Seryoso ka teh?" 
Well, I just want to take advantage of the weather. Commuters may laugh at my 
boots or at me but I don't care. As long as I'm comfortable on what I wear.
  Kanya kanyang ganap yan. haha :) 

p.s I hate the harsh shadow on my photos, I really need a reflector
but for the meantime, I'm gonna use my full body mirror as a reflector
 when taking outfit shots by myself. haha :) 

striped cardigan - forever 21
gray dress - thrifted
boots - juan/janilyn ; gifted

Love, Maria


  1. if ever I saw you that day instead of taas
    kilay I would admire you're bravery on wearing those boots on. tama nga nman kanyang kanyang trip yan :)

    1. Thanks Roxanne :)walang basagan ng trip. haha :)♥

    I invite you to follow my blog on , hope you like it!!!

  3. i love the way you mix and match your dress w/ that lovely jacket! great styling. :)
    check my blog if you have time!:)

  4. Aw.. thanks Nicole! I'll visit you back :)♥


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