Friday, November 23, 2012

friday night remix : cat print dress

This cat print dress would be the cutest dress that you can find on
my closet. I don't really like cats in real life because there 
something about their paws / claws that scares me
but I love Hello Kitty. Weird no? 

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Wore this dress for the first time last year when
my fam bam went to Macau and after a few times wearing
this dress, I decided to rip off the stitches around the bow 
area and I think it looks better. 

dress - thrift shop
first photo
bag - gh
tights - Sm Dept. Store

second photo
shoes - marikina made
tights - genevieve gozum
bag - hdy

Love, Maria

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  1. very interesting blog and great pictures!

    Why don't you look at mine? I'm new in here! :)


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