Wednesday, October 19, 2011

blue and ethnic print

Finally. An outfit post with my new hair cut :D

Went out with the man yesterday to see a movie. We watched FWB  ( i know, super late na para panoorin. haha :D ) while I was munching with nachos and biggie iced tea from Wendy's.

What I wore yesterday


My TWENTY PESOS owl ring.

My nails

We ate at banapple's GH. 

the man ordered  Fettuccine Magnifico ( na pwede mong ulanin ng parmesan cheese :D ) and Ice Mocha.

and I ordered Terrific Tuna Sandwich with potato chips.I love the tuna sandwich super yummy plus the crisp cucumber and  lettuce pero yung potato chips ummmm I dont like it.( yung potato chips na pwede mong bilin sa suking tindahan mo sa halagang 5 pesos, ito yun. Bibili ako nun tapos post ko dito. haha. ).
I'm craving for Myster-reese's wicked pie but they dont have it. (sayang.tsk. )

btw, the ethnic print tunic is from my mom . I found it on the pile of her old clothes ( at feeling ko 60's-70's pa to, kasi yun pa yung panahon na payat sya. haha :D )

<3 Maria


  1. Love that movie! And I love your dress! :)

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  2. wonderwoman - thanks for dropping by :D


  3. i followed u back!....

    im using a Nikon d3100. :D

  4. I love your outfits, you have a cool style :)
    You won a new follower, follow back maybe? :)
    Kinga from Hungary <3

  5. Nice dress!

  6. love the print of your dress!xx

  7. T and ALina - thank you :D I'll visit you back :D

    Kinga - aw, thanks a lot a dear. followed you back <3

  8. loven the print of your dress! :)

  9. nice find! you should be looking in your mother's closet more often. hihi.

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