Monday, October 17, 2011

somethin' fishy

no, this blog post is not about the restaurant in Eastwood, Libis QC.
it's about  the song  I accidentally discovered on YouTube.

"a fishy little song"

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find her
the one that God's chosen for me
and what if I find her but she doesn't like me
I guess that is prove destiny but I should know better
 the sea is much wetter with plenty of fish as to see for you and me
and I know my Father, has scoped out the water
and picked out a fishy for me.

ang cute noh??? haha :D

fish din naman ang usapan,
let me share some of my SOOC ( i just put my blog title of watermark purposes :D ) shots when my fambam went to Manila Ocean Park :D

underwater panning

<3 Maria


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