Sunday, October 9, 2011

I got wired

I got the chance to go out yesterday with the "man" so I decided to showcase my FIRST purchase from Anagon Collection


I really love the wire headband and the star detail on it 
(kaso di pala kita dito, pero sa previous post ko kita sya.hehe)

di ko kaya ang hippie effect ng headband kasi wala akong bangs, kaya ganyan na lang ang ganap. haha :D


my overused mustard bag and 
the TWENTY PESOS vintage inspired ring 

(oh di ba, Marimar lang ang peg ng clogs ko...ang laki ng bulaklak. haha  )

my nails :D

<3 Maria 


  1. nice, ive been eyeing that headband, can you tell me where you got it? :)

    wild and fierce

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  2. love ut outfit :)
    posh nails *.*


  3. Hi Eji. bought it from Anagon Collection here's the link

    <3 Maria

  4. Hi Maria Regina thanks for dropping by in my Blog. I love your headband that's part of Ana's collection (Anagon). I followed you dear hope you follow my blog too :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  5. i love this outfit! from your headband to the shoes! bongga.. :)

    btw- come drop by my blog if you have time and maybe follow each other if you like.. would love to have more filipina blogger friends, thanks :)

  6. so cute! love anagon :)

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  7. Hi Maria,
    Thank you for dropping by my blog :) I appreciate your comment too. You looked great in Ana's wired hairpiece. Keep on supporting her store! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. lovely shirt and hair accessoires :)

  9. dear ana is such an amazing talent when it comes to crafting these one-offs! ang galing! keri mo lang oi, don't worry:)

    great to discover your site! hope you do drop by mine and follow, if you like:)


  10. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)
    I love the shoes and nails.! three hearts for that. <3<3<3. Followed you blog.. :D


  11. i like your laidback pero chic look :) i want your bag! hehe :)

  12. kath - thank you. its really durable I got this last January pa ata so matibay talaga. hehe :D <3

    Nix- Aww... thank you. tingin ko perfect match to sa hair mo and I followed you back din pala :D <3

    Joana - thank you,3 <3 <3 <3 for you too. hehe. how's the contest anyway??? followed you back . :D <3

    Nicole - Thank you so much sweetie. followed your blog. love your post about the pin up girls :D <3

  13. Lovely headpiece! My son would love this cos it's stars!haha

  14. Anagon's pieces really rock! Pang-stand-out effect talaga on any outfit :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking forward to more vintage-inspired posts :)

  15. Hello there! am starting to love your blog, you’re so pretty =)) weeeee I love all fashion blogger..especially PINAY bloggers =)) following you already! Hope you will follow my humble blog too..and hope to see more of your post =))

  16. mestizay - buy one at anagon collection and show it to your son. hehe. I followed your blog and wow, Its not obvious that you're a mom. :D <3

    Xta- I agree, kahit simpleng outfit bonggels ang kakalabasan with Anagon's pieces. bili ka na din. :D <3

    Sittie - THank you soooooooo much <3 Just followed you back. thank you for discovering my new and humble blog. hehe. read my comment on your recent post. hehe. :d <3

  17. Thanks for following my blog! And oooh that Anagon head piece is super kabog! =)

  18. Hi Regina!
    Thanks for the lovely comment in my blog.

    Love this laid back outfit of yours. very chic!
    May I ask where'd you buy the mustard bag?
    I love it..

    your newest follower,

  19. Hello there Melai, got it from Egg. I followed you back. hehe <3


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