Wednesday, October 12, 2011

reinvent : plaid shirt

I was a bit bored this afternoon so I rummaged to my closet and I found this plaid shirt that was given to my as a gift from my aunt last Christmas. I haven't worn it yet  so I tried it on if it still fits on  me and sad to say...
NO.  Its TOO TIGHT on my arms because I gained weight. So instead of going on a diet I just decided to cut off the sleeves and use this as a cover up or vest. 

here's what it looked like before....

scissors to transform this plaid shirt

cut off the sleeves


I'll wear it soon :D

Do you reinvent some of your clothes???
 Leave your blog url / link to that post .I'd love to see them 

<3 Maria


  1. i love re-working my clothes and doing DIYs too, this is cute :)

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  2. I like the color of the shirt. (:

  3. galing! now you gave me an idea sa mga damit ko na medyo masikip uung armhole :)
    following you now and i hope you can follow back :)

  4. That looks fabulous! What a simple, perfect DIY!


  5. fashioneggplant - It's fun doing DIYs. hehe. :D

    kath - followed you back dear. thank you , patingin ako pg ginawa mo to.hehe.:D

    rebecca and my 2 pesos- Thank you ladies :D

  6. This is great, thanks for sharing this. This will definitely come in handy in the future. I can see myself using this very soon! - Mar
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