Saturday, October 8, 2011

happy friday

Yesterday I got my wire headband from Anagon Collection plus 2  FREE tickets for the Yabang Pinoy  Global Bazaar this November 5 and 6.

headband <3
tickets and note <3

speaking of yabang pinoy, let me share to you this picture wearing the Abaca braided band 
sorry for the picture hehe. way back 2007 pa to. hehe.  50 or 80 pesos ata to before sa Market Market.

I also have the Yabang Pinoy shirt which I bought for only 250 pesos. So sad that I dont have a picture wearing the shirt before I gave it away including some of my clothes for the Ondoy victims last 2009.

Thank you Anagon for the tickets, cant wait to meet you. I'll wear the headband soon. 

<3 Maria

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