Friday, October 14, 2011

I let him go...

he and I had something beautiful but so dysfunctional, 
it couldn't last... 
(near to you - a fine frenzy )

drama eh noh??? haha :D

the man gave these shoes to me over a month ago for our  2nd anniv.  
I'm so in love with the shoes at feeling ko gusto nya din ang paa ko kaso di sya kasya sakin kahit  na size 9 or 10  (basta kung anong biggest sa jellybean yun na yung size nya :D. ) 

So I dont have any choice but to sell them.... and luckily my friend from HK bought it ( almost the same price ang shoes pati ang SF. GRABE na loka  ko sa SF eh )

the man told me to forget about  these super cute shoes kasi I'll find a better pair. Oh well I'm still hoping ...

kakanta na lang ako ng ...

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too...
(someone like you - adele )

 haha :D

<3 Maria


  1. Hahahah aawww ang cute lang :D It's okay, sometimes it's like that talaga when you look for shoes online, buti na lang someone bought it na from you :) Don't worry the best pair is coming :D

  2. such a gorgeous shoe, kaya pala di mo malet go.. anyway there are still soo many shoes it the sea, hihi.. u'll find the perfect one for you :)

  3. hi! i agree! These shoes are cute!
    OHH MYY!!
    i'll give a three hearts for these. <3<3<3


  4. Thank you ladies, di ba ang cute nya talaga plus maganda pa yung kulay. I'll update you once I found the RIGHT ONE for me.. hehe

    <3 Maria

  5. Hi, Maria! New reader here :P I agree with these ladies, I know you'll find your perfect pair someday! :) Great blog, BTW! Keep it up ;)

    -ELLE from

  6. Hi elle, thanks for dropping by :D

    <3 Maria

  7. Yup, no biggie! :) Followed you already! :) Follow me back if you like, so we can better communicate! :)) Thanks! SMILE! :D


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