Saturday, October 15, 2011

five inches

I cut off 5 inches of my hair yesterday :D

I love how easy I could cut if off. 
Siguro kasi I always have a short hair tapos after 2 years of not getting a haircut, 
na achieve ko ang long hair.
But yesterday I decided to cut it off, my mudra is soooooooooooo happy kasi she's bugging me to get a haircut, I am just so lazy to go to salon.  My mom asked our suking hair stylist ( oh di ba parang suking tindihan lang :D basta since  grade 4 ata ako sya na ang nag gugupit saken at sa atelya ko)  if he can go to our house instead of going to Jesi Mendez salon (where he's a senior hair stylist and muk up artist pa. BONGGELS im just happy for him. :D para magupitan kami and he said yes.  

at ayun na nga ang kwento.... :D

next outfit post na lang ang hair. hehe :D

<3 Maria


  1. congratulations on getting a new haircut. change is good. nice blog. followed you! :D

  2. awwww. thank you so much. I'm one of your fans sa chictopia. hehe. followed you back. <3


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